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Boore, J. L., & J. L. Staton. 2002. The mitochondrial genome of the 
sipunculid Phascolopsis gouldii supports its association with Annelida 
rather than Mollusca. - Molecular Biology and Evolution 19(2):127-137.  

ABSTRACT: "We determined the sequence of about half (7,470 nt) of the 
mitochondrial genome of the sipunculid Phascolopsis gouldii, the first 
representative of this phylum to be so studied. All of the 19 identified genes 
are transcribed from the same DNA strand. The arrangement of these 
genes is remarkably similar to that of the oligochaete annelid Lumbricus 
terrestris. Comparison of both the inferred amino acid sequences and the 
gene arrangements of a variety of diverse metazoan taxa reveals that the 
phylum Sipuncula is more closely related to Annelida than to Mollusca. This 
requires reinterpretation of the homology of several embryological features 
and of patterns of animal body plan evolution."  

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