Polychaete international course: second announcement

Mariacristina Gambi gambimc at libero.it
Mon Jan 21 17:34:55 EST 2002

Dear All,

This is the second announcement for international course "Polychaete as 
Biological and Ecological models (from taxonomy to applied research)", 
that will be held from 9 to 22 September 2002 at the University of Lecce 
(Apulia, Italy). All information about the course, such as purposes, faculty 
members, costs, types of applicants, application forms and deadlines, will 
be available at the web site: www.polychaeta.net. Up to date we have 
already some applicants both from Italy and other countries.  

In the above cited site you will find the pdf version of all documents, and if 
you don't have the Acrobat reader, there is also a link to load it from the 
web both for PC and Mac computers. We would like to invite you to 
consider one of your students or collaborators as course applicants if you 
think the topics are of some interest for your research activity. We would 
like also to ask you to help us to advertise the course by sending these 
information to the colleagues who you presume will be potentially interested 
to apply or to send their students or collaborators. The course, organised 
by us, have a large faculty, represented among the others by Kristian 
Fauchald, Pat Hutchings, Greg Rouse, Lisa Levin, Rafael Sarda, Grazia 
Cantone, Alberto Castelli, C. Nike Bianchi and many others. A further 
announcement will be done in middle January, while deadline for 
application is 1st April 2002. For students from less developed countries 
there is the possibility to apply for a fellowship to cover the course fee (we 
have at the moment two fellowships available). If you have any problems 
concerning the access to web-site or to course pdf documents, or if you 
need any further details about the course, please do not hesitate to contact 
one of us:  

 Adriana Giangrande: gianadri at ilenic.unile.it
 Maria Cristina Gambi: gambimc at alpha.szn.it.
 There will be also a secretary address: info at area24.it

 Adriana Giangrande and Maria Cristina Gambi

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