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Kristian Fauchald Fauchald.Kristian at NMNH.SI.EDU
Wed Jan 23 18:01:45 EST 2002

Dear all, 

While most features of our lives are back, reasonably, to normal, we still 
get our mail irradiated.  For one, this adds about a month to the time it 
takes to get anything to us, and for another, it damages photographic 
slides, all kinds of plastics, and even paper gets brittle (for some reason 
high gloss paper does better than regular paper, but both are damaged).  
The Institution has gotten a new mail-box for all kinds of things, so please 
use the address given below when sending me anything, from reprints to 

The progress on the anthrax problem is that the last of the Congressional 
office buildings were opened again today, after having been closed for 
three months, but the large mail-sorting facility for the District of Columbia 
is still closed and apparently some mail is trapped inside that building.  I 
have not heard any prognosis on when that building will open again.  If you 
are missing a response from any one of us, your letters may be sitting 
there.  We are now getting letters originally mailed in late October and 
early November, so as you understand, we are a bit behind our times.  

Linda Ward, and all other invertebrate zoologists at the Museum  have the 
same address, except for those located permanently at the Silver Hill facility 
(Museum Support Center).  

Kristian Fauchald
Section of Invertebrate Zoology, Systematic Biology
Smithsonian Institution
PO Box 37012
NHB, W213,  MRC 0163
Washington, DC 20013-7012

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