FREE - Sipuncula/Echiura Symposium Proceedings

Edward Cutler ebcutler at
Tue Jul 9 16:41:45 EST 2002


In 1970 there was an International Symposium on The Biology of Sipuncula 
and Echiura held in Kotor, Yugoslavia.  The Proceedings from this were 
published in two volumes dated 1975 & 1976.  Recently Mary Rice 
discovered a stash of these in the basement at Smithsonian and has offered 
to send copies to interested parties - at no cost. Therefore, if you contact her 
(see below) and let her know of your interest AND  a Postal address you will 
become part of a select group of owners of said volumes.  The contents 
cover a wide array of topics - One caution: Several names have changed 
since that time, so be careful if you use any species names from this work.   

Mary E. Rice, Ph.D.
Smithsonian Marine Station
701 Seaway Drive
Fort Pierce, Florida  34949  USA
(772) 465-6630 x142
fax (772) 461-8154
email:  rice at

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