Oligochaete slides

Petersen, Mary Elizabeth MEPetersen at zmuc.ku.dk
Tue Jul 9 17:19:01 EST 2002

For permanent mounts, Euparal or Euparal Vert gives clear preparations that 
do not turn yellow and if necessary can be dissolved with absolute alcohol. 
Use of organic solvents is not necessary, at least for small specimens (I use 
it for polychaetes). The preparation or worm to be mounted should be 
dehydrated as completely as possible and mounted in a small drop of the 
mountant. Once dehydrated and mounted, polychaete specimens that have 
been LIGHTLY stained with Shirlastain A (to make it easier to see surface 
structures suchas papillae) will retain the stain permanently, whereas it 
disappears in a few hours or days in alcohol.   

For truly temporary mounts of an hour or so (e.g., for making a drawing) I 
simply put tiny clay corners on a coverslip and use alcohol, adding a drop or 
two of alcohol as necessary. Obviously, this is not a slide one leaves for a 
longer period of time.  

Mary E. Petersen
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I am starting a baseline survey of the benthic invertebrates of Lough Corrib, 
Ireland, and I am looking for the most effective way of making temporary and  
permanent mounts of oligochaetes. I had been using lactophenol but am 
looking for an alternative. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,  

Bridget Keane

Zoology Dept.,Aras de Brun, NUIGalway, Ireland.
<bridget.keane at NUIGALWAY.IE>

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