Aids for freshwater oligochaete identification

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Tue Jul 16 15:58:51 EST 2002

Geoff, the following publications are good for a start, though none are ideal 
for aquatic oligochaetes of NZ, which have not been studied much and there 
are undoubtedly many undescribed species, especially in the larger lakes.  

Brinkhurst, R.O. and Jamieson, B.G.M. (1971). Aquatic Oligochaeta of the 
World. Oliver and Boyd, 	Edinburgh. pp. Pages.  

Pinder, A.M. and Brinkhurst, R.O. (1994). A Preliminary Guide to the 
Identification of the 	Microdrile Oligochaeta of Australian Inland Waters. 
Cooperative Research Centre for Freshwater Ecology, Albury, New South 
Wales. (out of print, see author)  

Brinkhurst, R.O. and Wetzel, M.J. (1984). Aquatic Oligochaeta of the World. 
Supplement. A 	Catalogue of New Freshwater Species, Descriptions and 
Revisions: 101pp.  

Brinkhurst, R.O. (1971). The aquatic Oligochaeta known from Australia,
New Zealand, Tasmania, and the adjacent islands. University of
Queensland Papers 3: 99-128.

Brinkhurst, R.O. (1982). Additional aquatic Oligochaeta from Australia
and New Zealand. Records 	of the Queen Victoria Museum 78: 1-13.
Pinder, A.M. and Brinkhurst, R.O. (1997). A review of the Phreodrilidae
(Annelida: Oligochaeta: 	Tubificida) of Australia. Invertebrate
Taxonomy 11: 443-523. (includes some NZ species)

Kathman, R.D. and Brinkhurst, R.O. (1998). Guide to the Freshwater 
Oligochaetes of North America. 	Aquatic Resources Center, College Grove, 
Tennessee. (can be purchased from Dr. Kathman at 
aquatres at  

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