Email problems & address change

Leslie Harris lharris at
Wed Jul 24 16:28:29 EST 2002

Hi -

I have been having email problems for unknown reasons.  They may have 
been caused by a faulty email program, something in the computer (it 
eventually shorted out & caught on fire last month), or the server.  Some 
incoming & outgoing messages were subject to odd delays or not delivered 
at all.  I apologize if anyone has been affected by this.  

I now have a new email program, a new hard drive, and have switched from 
the USC server to the LACM server.  Please do not use any address for me 
that ends in <>.   Email should be sent to <lharris at>.  


Leslie H. Harris
Collection Manager,
LACM-Allan Hancock Foundation Polychaete Collection     tel: 213) 763-3234
Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History            fax: 213) 746-2999
900 Exposition 
Boulevard                                        email: lharris at
Los Angeles, California 90007 U.S.A.

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