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More on the Namalycastis bait worm ...

Several years ago, the Smithsonian Environmental Research Centre 
contacted me about this worm and sent several specimens. I can confirm 
that it is definitely a Namalycastis (Nereididae: Namanereidinae), and 
probably an undescribed species. The specimens are from Vietnam, but I 
have no more precise locality information, so I have hesitated to describe it. 
Recently, Jiroh Nishi told me about a namanereid being imported by 
Japanese bait fishing companies via a French company. It is the same 
species. In Japan (and Europe presumably)  it is called the ''super cordelle 
worm'', and for those that are interested, a web search on "nuclear worm" or 
"super cordelle worm" will bring up more information on this amazing 
creature, including the name of the French bait company. I have written to 
this company in the (probably vain) hope that they will tell me where they 
source the worms. If anyone on the list has some ideas about how I might 
find the source of this worm harvesting operation  (e.g. Vietnamese marine 
biologists/fisheries persons), could they please contact me. It would be nice 
to have a type locality so that we can put a name on the ''biggest, badest, 
pinkest'' polychaete known. All the best, Chris   

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