Revision of the Glyceridae (monograph)

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Fri Jun 7 02:33:35 EST 2002

Hi folks,

Should you wish to have a copy of the English language version of Markus 
Böggemann's Ph.D. thesis, a very useful worldwide revision of the glycerids 
(172 species names reduced to 42 valid!), I have received the following 
information from Schweizerbart, publishers of the Senckenberg monograph 
series in which it appears.   


Böggemann, Markus:
Revision of the Glyceridae GRUBE 1850 (Annelida: Polychaeta) 2002. 249 
pages, 143 figures, 2 tables, 30x21cm (Abhandlungen der 
Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft, Band 555) ISBN 3-510-
61335-X paperback,   EUR 48.00  

Prices indicated do include postage and packing costs (surface mail).

Payment is possible by cheque or we do also accept payment by credit card 
-- Visa and Mastercard (no American Express Card). If you will choose this 
method of payment, please let us know your exact credit card details as well 
as the expiry date (we suggest by Fax should be the most secure way).  

The homepage of the title, where you may view the contents, is:

Orders might be placed by e-mail or Fax, please do not forget to indicate 
your complete postal address.  

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