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Geoff Read at
Mon Jun 10 01:31:46 EST 2002


Under the current ICZN code (since 1999) it seems to me there are some 
prevailing usage provisions that would suggest it would be appropriate to 
retain usage of Hemipodus Quatrefages over the Hemipodia Kinberg that 
Markus Böggemann has deployed in his monograph. This retention, if  not 
available on  pure application of provisions of article 23.9.1 (prevailing usage) 
since Kinberg used Hemipodia again later than the cutoff date of 1899, 
should be available in anticipation of someone applying to the Commission 
under 23.9.3 (suppression desired). It's only a two letter change to be sure, 
and the old name is still recognisable, but it does mean all Hemipodus are 
denoted as changed in genus. Still, there are only 4 of them valid apparently.  

Perhaps this one doesn't matter too much, but I feel  that while these finicky 
niceties should always be pointed out when discovered, we should not be too 
eager to overturn existing usage for no particular advantage. However, now 
the genie is out of the bottle.    

Your thoughts are welcomed. I add that, while somewhat lamenting Markus's 
particular decision here, I am nevertheless most impressed by the breadth of 
his monograph and remain very grateful for his work on the NZ glycerids. You 
should all get hold of a copy if you can!      


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