Suez Canal polychaetes

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Sun Mar 10 05:11:48 EST 2002

Dear Sir,

Hello there, Let me to introduce my self; I am M.Sc., student in Marine 
Science Department, Suez Canal University, and my M.Sc. thesis 
concerned on three families of errantiate polychaetes along Suez Canal 
and Red Sea. I am interesting with their feeding, reproduction and their 
ability to be cultured. Of the three families three species of my interest 
(one from each family): Perenereis nuntia brevicirris (Fam: Nereidae); 
Lumbricenereis funchalebsis (Fam: Lumbriceneries); and Halla 
parthenopeia (Fam: Lysaretidae). So, can you help my in that topic by 
sending any related literatures or advises to complete my work. Thanks in 

My post address as follow:
Ms. Inas Helal Osman
Suez Canal University
Faculty of Science
Marine Science Department

<inas at>

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