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Wed Mar 13 16:42:17 EST 2002

Dear Folks,

Moore JP and Mayer MC (Leeches from Alaskan and Adjacent Waters, 
1951, The Wasmann Journal of Biology 9, 11-77) describe sensory 
papillae of the type of Bayer's organs that are found on leeches. Can 
anyone enlighten us about "Bayer's organ"??  

In a separate question, we have sectioned through the brain of 
Enchytraeus albidus and found bilateral globules of a yellowish substance.  
These are located in the posterior, lateral aspect of the brain and do not 
stain with osmium or toluidine blue. They are uniform in size (~1 um 
diameter) and may or may not be intracellular.  

We have found a description "...pigmented spots in cerebral ganglia of E. 
albidus may be of similar constitution of bodies found in chaetogaster 
(globules of fatty matter)..." in Stirrup, HH (1913) A descriptive study of an 
oligochaete worm of the Family Enchytraeidae; with an appendix on certain 
commensal Protozoa.  Proc. Zool. Soc. London.  

It is unclear whether the yellow globules that we see and the pigmented 
spots described by Stirrup are related.  Any ideas?  

Thank you very much.

Mechelle Regester
Dan Shain

Biology Dept.
Rutgers University
dshain at

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