Arenicola marina

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Check out the papers by "Wells, GP" for morphology. See for a start (this is the 
online Windows version of Ward & Fauchald 1997 Polychaete 
Bibliography, accessible from PRO, put up by Ulm University, germany). 
At least some - perhaps most - of Wells' papers include a lot of 
information on internal morphology.   

If you have access to electronic searching with WebSpirs at the university,
check more recent literature there using "arenicola and morphology" or
"arenicola and histochemi*" (the asterisk is to get the different versions
of the word) as search combinations. BIOSIS now goes back to 1968, but Ward
& Fauchald will pick up anything before then, incl. the papers by G. P.
Wells, which are earlier. "Arenicola" alone (in the Notes field: keywords
mainly has family names) gives 362 hits, but most of these will be species
lists. However, you will probably find relevant histochemical and other
information also. 

Good luck!

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Dear colleagues, my name is Amosova Alexandra. I'm student of the 
Saint-Petersburgs University, the department of biology of invertebrates. 
Now, I'm studying the morphology and histochemical particulars of the 
digestive tract in Arenicola marina. Would you so kind to sent me some 
information about it.  

                           Thank you in advance,

Alexandra Amosova-Zdobina <saschca at>

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