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Subject:        	Polynoids
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Dear all, 

I am now working with some Panamanian Polynoids, and I would like to know 
if some of you can help me. I am looking for the types of Harmothoe hirsuta 
Johnson, 1897 and some material from the Western Europe of Lepidonotus 
squamatus (Linné, 1758). For example, those specimens from New England 
Region (Pettibone, 1963). I would like to compare them with some of my 
specimens. Thank you very much.   

María Capa
Laboratorio de Invertebrados y Biología Marina
Unidad de Zoología
Departamento de Biología
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
E-28049 Madrid

Tlf: 91 397 82 91
Fax 91 397 83 44
Correo electrónico: maria.capa at adi.uam.es
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