Help with picture of calcareous tubes

David Knott knottd at
Tue Sep 24 14:57:26 EST 2002

I received a request to identify some material on a rock recovered during a 
submersible dive at about 180 ft on the St. Augustine Scarp off the Florida 
coast.  The calcareous tubes, which are dried out and without any remaining 
trace of soft tissue, have multiple flared lips at intervals along their length, 
and they remind me of serpulid annelids of some sort.  The tubes are roughly 
0.6mm in diameter, and fairly thin-walled.  I have a decent photograph, and 
would like to know if anyone might look at it and venture a guess as to what it 
is.  Please respond to me directly at the email address below.  Many thanks.  


David M. Knott
Marine Resources Research Institute
PO Box 12559
Charleston, SC  29422-2559
843-953-9096 ***PLEASE NOTE NEW NUMBER***
knottd at

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