Filograna setosa

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Neither Filograna nor Filigrana have a species setosa listed in Hartman's 
Catalogue 1959 or Supplement 1965 , and Malaquin 1901 is not listed in her 
1951 Literature or in Ward & Fauchald 1997 Polychaete Bibliography. If one 
of the specialists doesn't have an answer, it sounds like the name has been 
incorrectly cited or referred. You might check Zoological Record for years 
around then.  

Otherwise check Malaquin 1896, C.R. Acad, Sci. Paris 123: 1316-1318. The 
paper deals with monstrillid copepods in filigranes. (p. 162 in Hartman 1951). 

Good luck and let us know how you make out.


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I am trying to track down the current name of a polychaete - which I need to

list as the host of a parasitic copepod. The name given was Filograna 
setosa, and it was in a paper published by Malaquin in 1901. I think it was
French material - certainly European. Has anyone any idea of the current 
for this animal - it is not listed as a synonym in Faune de France? (I realize
that Filograna is monotypic for implexa.)  

Many thanks

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