Dodecaceria: After an eight year labour

James A. Blake jablake at
Mon Apr 14 17:32:48 EST 2003

Geoff Read Wrote:

The ICZN have issued a negative ruling on Dodecaceria concharum.

OPINION 2019 (Case 2899). Dodecaceria concharum Orsted, 1843 and 
Heterocirrus fimbriatus Verrill, 1879 (currently D. fimbriata) (Annelida, 
Polychaeta): conservation of usage of the names by the designation of a 
neotype for D. concharum not approved. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 
60: 66-67. (2003).  

This is indeed good news!!  It is gratifying to see that the ICZN is
able to reject proposals that are poorly conceived.

This is vindication for Mary Petersen.  Most of you may not know this, but 
after this "Proposal" was published, Mary prepared a very detailed rebuttal 
that presented in great detail the entire taxonomic history of Dodecaceria.  
The proposal by Gibson and Heppel in effect was to deliberately misidentify 
the type species of Dodecaceria established by Oersted from Danish 
specimens and then move the type locality to the U.K.  Mary traced the entire 
nomenclature of the genus including a demonstration that all along, Gibson 
has been using the wrong names and concepts for his species.  There are 
specimens available of Dodecaceria concharum from the type locality in 
Denmark and it is, therefore, not necessary to establish a new one in the UK 
as proposed by Gibson and Heppell. Unfortunately, Mary's review was too 
long to be published by the ICZN.  I hope she will publish it elsewhere.  

Jim Blake
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