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Sergio I. Salazar-Vallejo salazar at
Mon Apr 21 17:03:00 EST 2003

Dear colleagues,

We have just finished a Mexican CONACYT funded project on polychaete 
taxonomy. During this 40 months, we have had the opportunity to hear some 
of the leading colleagues lecturing on taxonomy and evolution of polychaetes. 
They gave themselves with both enthusiasm and passion to improve our 
research activities; they were:  

 Fredrik Pleijel
 Harry A. ten Hove
 J. Angel de Leon-González
 Jose M. (Lobo) Orensanz
 Kirk Fitzhugh
 Kristian Fauchald
 Leslie H. Harris

Further, we could make 25 research visits in the museums of Ámsterdam, 
Los Angeles, Madrid, Paris, and Washington, where we enjoyed the kind 
support by F. Pleijel, H.A. ten Hove, K. Fitzhugh, K. Fauchald and L. Harris. 
Without their warm assistance, we could not have reached our objectives 
because funding was not so generous as their tremendously warm care. 
Most natural history museums or research collections were very helpful by 
sending type and non-type materials.  

Six younger colleagues reached a degree; Luis E. Escalante became a 
biologist, Jenny Ruiz, L. Carrera, and M. Londono got a M.Sc., and Patricia 
Salazar and Rolando Bastida received a Ph.D. You will be hearing about 
them very soon and you will notice that we were really benefited by the 
critical comments and support by Chris Glasby, G. San Martin, H. ten Hove, 
J.A. de Leon-Gonzalez, Lobo Orensanz, K. Fitzhugh, K. Fauchald, L. Harris, 
and Mikel Linero.  

We could publish some 9 peer-refereed papers. In summary, these may be 
modest results; they are indeed, but have been very important for us having 
little funding (US 73,000). Further, the generous support by sending PDFs or 
mailing reprints by most of our colleagues, as well as the e-mail discussions 
with others, have helped keeping our library alive and improved our ideas a 

Thank you very much. Hope you can share your knowledge with others. We 
need more of this to improve our research. Best wishes,  


Sergio I. Salazar-Vallejo, Dr.
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