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Mediomastus californicus???

Helmut ZIBROWIUS Helmut.Zibrowius at com.univ-mrs.fr
Mon Feb 3 05:07:03 EST 2003

in reply to Geoff Read's message:

I refer to the last paragraph.
There are only a few simple grammatical rules involved with those 
scientific names, and these rules concern only the ending of the word.
Should the suggested "simplification" become more acceptable next 
time, we should also think of simplifying the ENGLISH used for the 
descriptions: no longer bother about articles, singular or plural, 
-ing forms, or  's. In fact, the search for the old-fashioned "right" 
use of such oddities is confusing and time-wasting for many people, 
worldwide. That's nothing but minor nuances.

>I wrote:
>>  geographic adjectival endings like 'iensis' are rock solid. 
>Well some rocks are more solid than others!   An assignment to a neuter
>genus requires  the 'is' to become 'e'.  Thus my assertion was incorrect.  But
>fortunately neuter genera are not that common.     
>Why is the code still binding us to observe minor nuances of Latin grammar
>such as above when stability of names is so crucial?  The new 2000 code
>preamble states the advantage of treating original spellings as invariable
>(seriously considered at the draft stage) would have been that electronic
>searching was facilitated.  That the editorial committee did not also have in
>mind the elimination of the time-wasting confusions and uncertainties such
>as illustrated by this thread is rather surprising.

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