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vivianne solis viviannesw at
Mon Feb 24 16:41:29 EST 2003

Hi Annelidans!

I hope someone can help with these two questions. 

Upon revising type material at the Paris MNHN, for a forthcoming 
updated list of the polychaete type material of that collection (wih F. 
Pleijel, of course) , I found the following species 1) Buskiella minuta 
Amoureux, 1984, (declared) syntype, MNHN POLY 834, but could not 
find what taxon this can be. Would anyone know? For the same study, I 
also found 2) Paraleonnates guadalupensis Rullier Guadeloupe, 
(declared) syntype, MNHN POLY 832  

However, I could not find this species reported in any of Rullier's papers, 
does anyone know where he took that one from?  

I take this opportunity to send you all my best regards.

Vivianne Solis-Weiss

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