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Strange species...

Petersen, Mary Elizabeth MEPetersen at zmuc.ku.dk
Tue Feb 25 15:44:42 EST 2003

Greetings! I needed a break!

Found them both in WebSpirs! Ward & Fauchald don't have species 
listed for Buskiella, as I searched on Buskiella and it didn't turn up, but 
they do have the ref without a list of species, new (this was the only one) 
or otherwise. I haven't checked the second one, but the paper probably 
is there. At least it should be easy to get the journal!  

The date of publication is either 1986 or 1987.

Amoureux, L. 1986 [1987?]. Abyssal polychaetous annelids from the 
abyplaine cruise off Madeira Portugal. Bulletin-du-Museum-National-
d'Histoire-Naturelle-Section-A-Zoologie-Biolog ie -et-Ecologie-Animales. 
1986 (RECD. 1987); 8 (3): 591-616.  

Abstract: About 2000 Polychaetous worms sampled on twelve abyssal 
stations off Madeira (between 4200-5200 metres depth) during scientific 
cruise Abyplaine are here listed. They are divided between 36 families 
and more than 71 species among them one is new for Science: Buskiella 
minuta (Flabelligeridae) with 220 specimens. Tables give distribution of 
worms, species and families on the twelve stations. Some morphological 
notes come then on each species, especially the description of the new 
species. A comparison between Tunicata and Polychaeta collected on 
each station and a bibliography end the paper.  

The next one is also Amoureux, L. 1985, Benthic annelids sampled at the 
mouth of the lagoon Manche-a-Eau Guadeloupe Antilles,  same journal 
1985; 7 (1): 93-108. There are also other n. spp. here, incl. a hesionid.  

When you find out how the authorship got messed up, let us know.

Best wishes,


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From: 	vivianne solis [mailto:viviannesw at yahoo.com] 
Sent:	Monday, February 24, 2003 10:41 PM
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Subject:	Strange species...

Hi Annelidans!
I hope someone can help with these two questions. 
Upon revising type material at the Paris MNHN, for a forthcoming updated
list of the polychaete type material of that collection (wih F. Pleijel, of
course) , I found the following species 
1) Buskiella minuta Amoureux, 1984, (declared) syntype, MNHN POLY 834, but
could not find what taxon this can be. Would anyone know? For the same
study, I also found
 2) Paraleonnates guadalupensis Rullier Guadeloupe, (declared) syntype, MNHN
POLY 832  
However, I could not find this species reported in any of Rullier's papers,
does anyone know where he took that one from?  

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