Server problems at ZMUC from 1 to 6 Jan 2003, ca. 4 pm Danish time

Petersen, Mary Elizabeth MEPetersen at
Wed Jan 8 13:59:25 EST 2003

Wednesday, 8 January 2003

Belated Happy New Year Everyone! 

I hope you have all had a good holiday and I sincerely hope that 2003 will be a 
good year in all ways for all of us, everywhere! I also hope our servers will 
not crash again.  

The Zoological Museum in Copenhagen has been inaccessible for nearly a 
week because of server problems due to water damage. The servers are 
now up again, but unless the missing mails (see below) are somewhere that 
has yet to be fixed, they are probably lost.  

The servers seem to have gone on strike last Tuesday, New Year's Eve, 
close to midnight Danish time (last incoming mail in my box was 31/12-2002, 
23:07 hours), and the server first started keeping received mails Monday, 6 
January 2003, 16:26 hours Danish time. For some of us the mail system 
was first available today.  

If any of you have tried to contact any of us at ZMUC during the above period, 
please resend your mails.  

With apologies for the inconvenience and best wishes to all,


Dr. Mary E. Petersen
Research Associate, Polychaeta
Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen
Universitetsparken 15, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark
Tel +45-35 32 10 67 - Fax +45-35 32 10 10
E-mail: mepetersen at


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