South American interstitial polychaetes

Matthew R Lee mlee at
Thu Jan 16 13:59:05 EST 2003

Dear All,

We would like to bring together the information that is available on interstitial 
polychaetes in Chile and along the Pacific coast of South America in general. 
 The 'we' being myself, Dr Rozbaczylo and others here in Chile.  Information 
is scant so this is a general appeal to anybody who has collected along the 
Pacific coast or has such material within their collections. We are interested 
in any information, from published records to anecdotal evidence.  

>From personal observation I can confirm the presence of Saccocirridae 
(Saccocirrus sonomacus?), Pisionidae (Pisione galapagoensis?) 
Protorilidae (Protodrilus haurakiensis?, plus at least one other) 
Hesionidae(??) Nerillidae (Nerilla sp.), Protodriloidae and Syllidae.  

Regards Matt --

Dr. Matthew R. Lee. CASEB &
ECIM, Dept. Ecologia, P.U. Catolica de Chile, Casilla 114-D, Santiago, C.P.
6513677. Chile. mlee at   (now up and 

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