Mediomastus californicus???

David Karlen Karlen at
Thu Jan 30 14:21:56 EST 2003

Greetings from Tampa,

Does anyone have information about the capitellid Mediomastus 
californiensis Hartman, 1944 being changed to Mediomastus californicus 
(Hartman, 1944) ?  We are proof reading a technical report on nonindigenous 
species in Tampa Bay, and the authors list M. californicus (Hartman, 1944), 
but do not give a reference for the name change. The references that they do 
cite in the text list this species as M. californiensis Hartman, 1944. If anyone 
has any information about this, it would be greatly appreciated.  

Thank you.

David J. Karlen, Environmental Scientist II
Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County
Tampa, FL

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