FW: Mediomastus californicus???

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Greetings David:

I looked up Mediomastus in the 4th edition of the SCAMIT Taxonomic List of 
Soft Bottom and Macro- and Megainvertebrates from Southern California 
Bight and did not find any reference to "Mediomastus californicus (Hartman 
1944)".  Given that this taxonomic list underwent several editorial inspections 
by many currently active benthic taxonomists and contains synonomy 
listings, it is useful in checking name structure and authorities. Neither the 
capitellid section of Blake's MMS atlas or Warren,Hutchings, Doyle '94 paper 
mentioned it either.   I would consider your name some sort of error.  

As a reference, you can download the taxonomic list for free as a pdf at: 

bye for now

Tom Parker
Marine Biology Laboratory
<tparker at lacsd.org>

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