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The Department of Zoology seeks two curators, one to work in each of the two 
invertebrate curation teams based at South Kensington, London. One post will 
be responsible for the non-marine mollusc collection, the other the free-
living worm collections (Annelida and Nematoda).   

You should have a degree or equivalent in a biological science and/or 
substantial relevant curatorial experience, a wide-ranging knowledge and 
interest in either non-marine molluscan or free-living worm biology, 
familiarity with specimen handling, be computer literate and possess good 
communication skills.  

Your main duties will be curation and databasing, preparation of material and 
involvement in loan, enquiry and public access services provided by the 
invertebrate curation teams. Please note that  personal collections-based 
research will be only a small component (at most 10%) of the job description. 
In North American terminology these are collection management positions, not 
research posts.  

The starting salary will be 17500 to 22920 pounds per annum, depending upon 

Closing date for applications 15 August 2003. There is no restriction on 
citizenship, subject to eligibility for a work permit in the United Kingdom.  

For full details please send an A5 stamped (1st class) and self-addressed 
envelope to: The Natural History Museum c/o Kingsway Advertising, The Clove 
Building, 4 Maguire Street, Butlers Wharf, London SE1 2NQ; or e-mail: 
NHM at quoting reference NHM/IDC.  

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