Need help on Nauphanta mossambica

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Wednesday, 23 July 2003

Dear Syuhaime,

Make a note of the following url to the Ward & Fauchald 1997 Polychaete
Bibliography, which can be downloaded free in the DOS version at Polychaete
Resources (see below). A link to the url below (an online version from Ulm
University) is also there.

This is a good starting point when you need information on (most) polychaetes 
from the 1700s to about 1997. Over 17,400 references are included. For some 
papers all the included species are listed, for others, only the genus or 
family, and for a small number, only the title and reference.  

However, despite admitted errors and omissions, this list is an enormous help 
and a very easy way to get a list of most of the important papers even if you 
do not have access to electronic searching with something like Biosis (part of 
WebSPIRS). The database has been made available to the public by the 
Smithsonian Institution. Moreover, this database goes back to the 1700s, and 
very few other sources do. The most recent version of WebSPIRS only goes back 
to 1969.  

Using the specific name mossambica in Notes; 20 references were found, 13 of 
which deal with Nauphanta/Marphysa/Eunice mossambica.  

The Natural History Museum, London, also has some information on the web. See 
the following url (found by searching for Nauphanta mossambica with 

Google often finds information not present in other sources, so try this

If you tell us what kind of information you would like (biology, taxonomy,
other), it is more likely you will get some useful feedback.

Good luck with your work.

Mary E. Petersen
Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen
Tel +45-35 32 10 67 - Fax +45-35 32 10 10
E-mail: mepetersen at

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From: 	Syuhaime A Ali [mailto:syuhaimeaa at] 
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Subject:	Need help on Nauphanta mossambica

Dear All,

My name is Syuhaime A Ali, currently doing my postgraduate study on
polychaete in University of Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia.

I really need help, if anyone could give me some information or references on
Nauphanta mossambica (formerly Marphysa mossambica).

Thank you.

Syuhaime A Ali
Borneo Marine Research Institute
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Kota Kinabalu
Sabah, Malaysia

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