Southern California Polychaeta

Rick Rowe RRowe at
Thu May 15 14:58:40 EST 2003

A valuable resource for anyone working with Southern California taxa is the 
4th edition of A Taxonomic Listing of Soft Bottom Macro- and 
Megainvertebrates from Infaunal & Epibenthic Monitoring Programs in the 
Southern California Bight. 

The list is produced by the Southern California Association of Marine 
Invertebrate Taxonomists (SCAMIT) and serves as a naming standard to 
ensure comparability of data throughout the Southern California Bight.  The 
list is the result of over twenty years of nearshore soft benthic sampling and 
consequently does not include many intertidal, deeper than shelf, and hard 
substratum taxa. The 4th edition list includes selected synonymies 
recognized by SCAMIT.  

Have fun,

Rick Rowe
City of San Diego
Metropolitan Wastewater Dept.
Ocean Monitoring Program

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