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Thu May 22 15:34:48 EST 2003

My name is Mª Teresa Aguado ("Maite") and I have taken my MSc degree 
dissertation on the interstitial polychaetes from the Coiba National Park 
(Panamá). Now, I am starting my Ph. D. Thesis on Syllidae, under 
supervision of Dr. Guillermo San Martín. My Thesis has two main objectives. 
The first one is to perform a phylogenetic revision of the whole family, 
proposing a new classification based on cladistics, and stating which genera 
are valid, and which species belong to each group,with re-descriptions of the 
yet poorly-known genera and keys for identification. We are currently working 
with the subfamily Exogoninae. The second objective is to contribute to the 
taxonomic knowledge of this family all around the world. I have already 
examined collections from Japan, Lebanon and Perú, but I am interested on 
collections from everywhere. If you have unidentified collections of Syllidae, 
and if nobody else wants to identify them, I will be very grateful if you could 
send them to me. After studying, they will be returned back to your institution. 
With all my best wishes,   

María Teresa Aguado Molina 
Departamento de Biología (Zoología)
Laboratorio de Biología Marina e Invertebrados
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Canto Blanco, 28049 Madrid
maite.aguado at

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