Anaesthetising polychaetes?

Geoff Read at
Thu May 22 16:02:41 EST 2003

> I was wondering if any of you have some suggestions as to what chemicals I
> could use to induce a shortterm anaesthetisation in polychaete worms (or more
> specifically in nereids).  

I asked a similar question a couple of years ago - see the annelida archive 
for November 2000, or search, starting from the interface at , under drugging, narcotising, and 
similar.  Word stems work OK. The reference below was advocated, but for 
quick, simple,  safe, and universal effectiveness Magnesium chloride soln 
(7.5% w/v) is worth a try. It stops muscles but doesn't stop cilia movement.   

Smaldon, G. ; Lee, E. W. 1979: A synopsis of methods for the narcotisation 
of marine invertebrates. Information series / Royal Scottish Museum. Natural 
History 6: 1-96.  

Nereidids are very susceptible to isopropyl alcohol added drop by drop, if
recovery is not important.


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