Sabellariidae question

Ana Claudia acbrasil at
Mon Sep 1 15:16:33 EST 2003

Dear all

     I have a PhD student carrying out a Sabellariidae cladistic analysis and
     we would like to contact people working on the group, in any aspect.  We
     are looking for material from several regions and would be glad in
     receiving donations and/or loan of any specimen available.

    Does anyone have a translation of the original description of 
    Phragmatopoma caudata that could send us?

Thank you in advance 

Ana Claudia Brasil

Dra. Ana Claudia dos Santos Brasil Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de
Janeiro Instituto de Biologia Departamento de Biologia Animal BR 465/Km7 Caixa
Postal 74524 CEP:23851-970 Seropédica - RJ acbrasil at FAX: +55 21 2682

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