Polychaeta Aquaculture

Alexandros B. a_bezas at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 21 15:21:06 EST 2003

Dear All, 

I'm a young researcher from Greece and i am doing a study about aquaculture of 
polychaeta and specific Diopatra neapolitana.  

After read many articles I still don't known some important informations about 
this species! Can you help me?  

What is the life cycle of the species? Are there any morphological differences 
between males and females? What do they eat? What are the best climatic 
conditions for spawning, growing etc?  

Where can i specific find any information?

I would be very thankfull if you may answer my questions. 

With my best regards, 

Alexandros Bezas 

My email is a_bezas at hotmail.com and for big files abezas at lamans.gr 

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