Expanding the Ark: Symposium of Invertebrate Conservation

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Might be of interest for some of us:

 Rosemarie Gnam wrote:

Symposium announcement.


Expanding the Ark:
The Emerging Science and Practice of Invertebrate Conservation

American Museum of Natural History
New York City
March 25 and 26, 2004

One of the greatest challenges facing the conservation community today lies in 
identifying, managing, and conserving invertebrate biodiversity. In direct 
contrast to their vast numbers, rich diversity, and vital role in terrestrial, 
marine, and freshwater ecosystems, many invertebrate species and groups remain 
undescribed and underrepresented in conservation planning, management, and 
policy strategies.  

The American Museum of Natural History's Center for Biodiversity and 
Conservation, in collaboration with Conservation International, the US Fish 
and Wildlife Service, and the Xerces Society, is convening a two-day symposium 
to examine the status of invertebrate biodiversity, as speakers from around 
the world consider a broad range of perspectives on how best to advance an 
invertebrate conservation agenda. "Expanding the Ark" will provide a venue to 
engage the scientific community, conservation practitioners, and the public in 
a dialogue on the fate of invertebrate biodiversity, and to map concrete 
approaches for future action.  

Day One (March 25) will include an overview of the status of invertebrate 
diversity-focusing mainly on both extant marine, freshwater, and terrestrial 
faunas, but also encompassing invertebrate extinctions; examining the factors 
threatening invertebrate biodiversity; and exploring the taxonomic and 
methodological challenges to incorporating invertebrates into mainstream 
conservation practices. Day Two (March 26) will delve into practical 
strategies for conserving and managing invertebrate biodiversity, from single 
species to whole ecosystem approaches; as well as commercial harvest 
management, and policy matters related to endangered species regulation and 
listing criteria.  

CALL FOR POSTERS: A limited number of posters will be accepted for 
presentation. Poster subjects must relate to the symposium's themes 
(invertebrate science, policy, management, and restoration) but are not 
limited geographically. Case studies are encouraged. Submission guidelines are 
available at http://research.amnh.org/biodiversity/symposia/expandingthearc.  

FOR MORE INFORMATION, email biodiversity at amnh.org to request updates, and 
bookmark the symposium website, 
http://research.amnh.org/biodiversity/symposia/expandingthearc, which will 
post speaker lists, abstracts, agenda, etc., as information becomes available. 
Rosemarie Gnam, Ph.D.
Assistant Director
Center for Biodiversity and Conservation
American Museum of Natural History
Central Park West at 79th Street
New York, NY 10024

Phone:  212 313 7076
Fax:    212 769 5292

For more information on the Museum's Center for Biodiversity & 
Conservation, visit our website at 

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