Publication announcement - Polychaetes: an interactive identification guide

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Tue Sep 23 15:35:13 EST 2003

I am pleased to announce the publication of Polychaetes: An Interactive 
Identification Guide, a CD and booklet by Robin Wilson, Pat Hutchings and 
Chris Glasby (editors), published today by CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne.  A 
number of colleagues on the annelida list have contributed their expertise to 
the interactive keys for their relevant families.  Further information and 
ordering is via 

>From the preface:

"The polychaete fauna of Australia numbers some 67 families, 420 genera and 
1139 species. Worldwide there are 82 families, over 1000 named genera and over 
13 000 named species.  Polychaetes, along with peracarid crustaceans, almost 
invariably dominate marine and estuarine benthic environments. Identification 
of polychaetes requires access to a vast literature, comprising many hundreds 
of papers in several languages in numerous scientific journals.  Globally, the 
literature dates from the 1700s and many thousands of papers are relevant for 
the identification of the polychaete fauna of a particular region.  Few of 
these publications represent comprehensive reviews that can be used alone as a 
guide to a significant part of the fauna.  Even with access to this eclectic 
literature, many polychaetes are found to be undescribed or widely confused 
with similar species found in other seas (especially in Australia and 
elsewhere in the southern hemisphere)."  

We hope that Polychaetes: An Interactive Identification Guide will alleviate 
some of these problems and make polychaete identification a more tractable 

Robin, Pat, and Chris

Robin Wilson
Museum Victoria
GPO Box 666E
Melbourne  Vic  3001

phone 03 8341 7429; fax 03 8341 7442 [international 613 replaces 03]

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