The decline of Invertebrate Zoology

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Thu Apr 1 15:11:51 EST 2004

I echo the resent comments that Texas AM at Galveston's decision about 
invertebrate biology is distressing.  I think the people that need to hear 
this is the Marine Biology Department at Texas AM. Based on the web page 
( it seems like the department is probably 
stronger in vertebrates than in invertebrates...which may help explain their 
(misguided) decision.  

the department head is Gilbert Rowe
roweg at


On Mar 31, 2004, at 10:12 PM, JAMES A. BLAKE wrote:

<excerpt>Annelid enthusiasts, 

Kirk's message is distressing. I cannot imaginea student ofMarine

not having an introduction toInvertebrate Zoology. 


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