The invertebrate zoology debacle

Ken Halanych halankm at
Fri Apr 2 18:14:01 EST 2004

On Apr 1, 2004, at 10:08 PM, Ken Hayes wrote:

> teach them to be integrative biologists. Combining
> molecular concepts with knowledge of the amazing world of  
> invertebrates is an
> exciting field of study.

I completely agree with Ken about this. Part of the problem is the  texts 
for invertebrate biology. Brusca and Brusca and Ruppert, Fox and  
Barnes have recently released new additions. Both fail to adequately  
incorporate much of the recent molecular phylogenetic data or the realm  
of evo-devo and are not really integrative.   There is a lot of value  to the 
straight function morphology approach and many of use find it  
fascinating, but it is not capturing the students that it use to.  

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