Identification problem

Serge Utevsky sutevsk at
Sun Apr 11 21:37:40 EST 2004

Dear Hans,

At first glance, your finding should be assigned to the phylum Nemertea 
(=Nemertinea). The nemertines possess a muscular proboscis, which is not 
directly associated with the digestive tract. I can see two openings at the 
anterior (?) end of the worm. The terminal one is the proboscis pore. The 
mouth is located slightly ventrally and posteriorly. These features are 
characteristic to the class Anopla.  

So, I recommend you to contact somebody of nemertine experts to identify the
specimens. My field of expertise is leech systematics but some people send me
nemertines because some of them are superficially similar to leeches. 

Good luck in your research.

With best wishes,

Dr. Serge Utevsky
Dapartment of Zoology and Animal Ecology
V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University
Pl. Svobody 4
Karkiv 61077

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 Serge.Yu.Utevsky at

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