Assistant professorship in systematics

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Thu Apr 29 15:45:50 EST 2004

We are seeking an Assistant Professor in marine molecular 




Professor Per Sundberg
Head of Zoology Department

P.O. Box 463
SE-405 30 Goteborg

tel + 46 31 773 3658
e-mail: p.sundberg at

Faculty of Science invites applications for a position as

placed at the Zoology department.

Systematics forms an important and substantial part of the Zoology 
department´s research and teaching. Currently, there are two professors, one 
acting lecturer, and four PhD students involved in systematics and taxonomy. 
The department is now seeking an assistant professor in molecular systematics 
for a two plus two year position, studying marine animals. Besides doing 
independent research, the person we are looking for should be prepared to 
participate in the department´s development, to teach (12.5%) at various 
levels, and to supervise graduate students. We expect the person to be 
independent, but at the same time we consider it important that he/she will 
collaborate and take part in ongoing systematic projects. 

The successful applicant will receive a start-up grant amounting to 300.000 Skr.

Admission requirements: Eligibility for an appointment as "forskarassistent" 
requires a PhD, with priority for applicants whose doctorate is not older than 
five years at the closing date for this position.  

Basis for evaluation: For this position particular attention will be paid to scientific proficiency.

Experience and knowledge of modern molecular techniques applied to systematic 
questions at various levels (populations, species, and more inclusive groups) 
are essential for the position. Furthermore, it is important that the person 
is familiar with contemporary ways of analysing molecular data within a 
phylogenetic framework.  

It is a merit for the position to have knowledge and experience of net-based education.

For further information please contact:
Professor Per Sundberg, phone +46 (0)31 773 3658, P.Sundberg at


The application should be addressed to The Dean, Faculty of Science, Göteborg 
University and must include these documents  

1.	Curriculum vitae including grades of degrees taken.
2.	List of all publications, including the thesis
3.	Copies of all scientific papers, including the thesis
4.	Other relevant documents that the applicant wish to refer to
5.	A short account of scientific, pedagogical and public outreach activities
6.	A vision/planning for the research the applicant intend to realize if employed (a maximum of two pages)

Documents and scientific papers must be submitted in three identical bundles. The application should be written in English

The complete application, packed as specified and stating ref no E333 1291/04, 
should be sent to The Registrar, Göteborg University, Box 100, SE 405 30 
Göteborg, Sweden, not later than May 17 2004.  

Union representatives: SACO Jan Berggren, phone +46 (0)31 773 1078; SEKO 
Lennart Olsson, phone +46 (0)31 773 1173; OFR-S Eva Sjögren, phone +46 (0)31 
773 1169.  


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