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Sun Jan 11 15:17:32 EST 2004

Dear Elianne,

There was a similar question some years ago in ANNELIDA mailing list, 
by Brigitte Hilbig (04Jun99), and an answer by Mike Vecchione 

See the ANNELIDA archives for both the question:

and the answer:

Probably Brigitte Hilbig can tell you more about it.

There is also an old paper by Stewart (1881) on a Eunicidae supposed to have 
some boring activity on a telegraphic cable off Singapore. The eunicid in 
question was described as Lithognatha worslei, new species new genus, and 
later considered to be an undeterminable Palolo by Kristian Fauchald (1992: 

Of course, there is the possibility that the eunicids are only squatters of 
the somebody else's holes (see the above messages on the ANNELIDA archives).  

I hope this can help.

Best wishes,

João Gil
<gil at>

Stewart, C. 1881. On a supposed new boring annelid. Journal of the 
Royal Microscopical Society, Ser.2, 1: 717-719, plate 9.

Fauchald, K. 1992. Review of the types of Palola (Eunicidae: 
Polychaeta). Journal of Natural History, 26: 1177-1225.

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