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Fauna Sinica Invertebrata Vol.33 Annelida Polychaeta II Nereidida - New!

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1.- New!
Fauna Sinica Invertebrata Vol.33 Annelida Polychaeta II Nereidida
Öйú¶¯ÎïÖ¾ ÎÞ¼¹×µ¶¯Îï µÚÈýÊ®Èý¾í »·½Ú¶¯ÎïÃÅ ¶àë¸Ù (¶þ) ɳ²ÏÄ¿
In Chinese with English Abstract
By Sun Ruiping
Published in 2004
Page: 520 pages + 1 plates 
Size: 185x260mm, hardback
Price: US$55+$12 by sea mail

This volume is a fauna sinica of Annelida, Polychaeta, nereidida of the 5
families (nereididae, Syllidae, Hesionidae, Pilargidae, Nephtyidae) found from
China seas. It comprises two main parts: This first part is a general
introduction to the group, including the brief history of research at home and
abroad, the systematic position, the morphology, the reproduction, the
geographical distribution and the breeding of some species, as well as the
economic significance. The second part is a systematic account with a total of
63 genera, 203 species from the Chinese Nereididae (3 subfamilies, 20 genera,
74 species), Syllidae (4 subfamilies, 23 genera, 79 species), Hesionidae (9
genera, 20 species), Pilargidae (6 genera, 9 species) and Nephtyidae (5 
21 species). Among them, 3 species are new to science, 30 species are new to
China. With key to all taxa from order through family, subfamily, genus and
species, the systematic descriptions of morphological character, geographical
distribution of every species, and reproduction of some species. The
geographical distribution of the 203 species in shown in table 2


1. Nereididae Johnston, 1865
2. Syllidae Grube, 1850
3. Hesionidae Grube, 1850
4. Pilargidae Saint-Joseph, 1899
5. Nephtyidae Grube, 1850

Fauna Sinica Annelida Hirudinea 
Öйú¶¯ÎïÖ¾ »·½Ú¶¯ÎïÃÅ òθÙ
In Chinese with English abstract
By Yang Tong
Published in 1996 
Page: 260 pages+141figures 
Price: US$45

It contains two parts. Part 1 deals with a research history, Taxonomic
classification, geomorphology, biology, geographical distribution and
economical importance. Part 2 covers 2 subclass, 3 orders, 9 families, 36
genera, 93 species and subspecies.

Fauna Sinica Phylum Annelida Class Polychaeta Order 
Phyllodocimorpha Öйú¶¯ÎïÖ¾ »·½Ú¶¯ÎïÃÅ ¶àë¸Ù I. Ò¶Ðë³æÄ¿
Chinese version with English abstracts (p.287-p.308 English, Keys)
By Wu Baoling & Wu Qiquan et al
Published in 1997
Page:329 pages +180 figures
Price: US$55

Chinese waters are rich in benthic polychaetous species which amount to about
one tenth of the total number of the polychaetous species of the world and are
very large in number. In addion, the planktonic larvae at various stages,
sexually matured species swarming at the sea surface and a few holoplanktonic
species can serve as the food of the plankton. This volume describes 2 
, 15 families, 67 genera and 153 species.

Polychaetous Annelids Commonly Seen From the Chinese Waters 
Öйú½üº£¶àë»·½Ú¶¯Îï in Chinese 
ISBN 7-109-00135-0 
By Yang Dejian & Sun Ruping ,1988
Page: 352 pages 
Size: 185x265mm ,hardback
Price:US$35 by sea mail

This book deals with the polychaetous annelids commonly seen from the Chinese
waters. A total of 356 species belonging to 205 genera and 53 family were
identified and described, of which 120 species marked with double asterisk are
newly added to the Chinese fauna. Key to the families, genera and species
occurring within each family were provided. The materials studied were
collected by the Institute of Oceanology, Academia Sinica and the Shandong
College of Oceanology during 1950-1985.

The Nereidae(Polychaetous Annelids) of The Chinese Coast 
In English
By Wu Baoling et al
Page: 234 pages 
Size:180x260mm, Hardback
Price: US$53+$8 by sea mail


Catalogue of the Nereidae from the Coast of China 

General Treatment 
I. History of the study of the Nereidae 
II.General morphology 
IV. Zoogeographical analysis 
V. Phylogenesis 
VI. economic significance 
VII.Methods of collecting,treating and identifying specimens 

Taxonomic Section 

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