Nine years

Kristian Fauchald Fauchald.Kristian at NMNH.SI.EDU
Mon Nov 22 14:01:50 EST 2004

As one of the older persons in Polychaetology, believe me, having the Annelida 
list working has been a great advantage.  It may appear that it is most 
valuable for young people, or for scientists in isolated positions, but 
believe me,  the advantage for me has been enormous.  The value for me lies 
partially in the fact that previously many persons would write me, with all 
sorts of polychaete questions, some of which I can handle, and others I cannot 
handle at all or at least not readily.  The list brings the questioners in 
direct contact with the real experts on any issue so I do not need to 
interprete opionion, do research on topics I am only marginally familiar with 
and so forth.  Just reading the interchanges makes it much easier for me to 
follow what is going on in polychaetes at any given time. Geoff Read has been 
our inflappable host for these years:  Thank you very much and may you 
continue for another nine years! 

Kristian Fauchald  

Kristian Fauchald, Research Zoologist
Department of Zoology
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fax: 202.357.3043

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