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Annelida: Meetings

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It was indeed good to see you and others in Madrid and your comments are well 
taken.  I can comment on some of the issues you raised because I have been 
around for all but one of the conferences, have been a past member of the 
Advisory Council, and will be the co-host of the next conference (see below).  

The number of posters presented in Madrid was over 130 by my tabulation and 
they were divided into two 2-day sessions.  I was personally not able to view 
all of the posters and meet very many of the authors, there were just too 
many. This was especially true for the second session, which was actually cut 
a little short because there were business and other meetings to attend.  The 
Advisory Council actually discussed this issue and agreed that in future 
meetings all of the posters should stay up for the entire week.   

When the Polychaete conferences began in the 1980s, and the Advisory Council 
was established and first met in Long Beach, one of the first issues that was 
discussed was the content of oral presentations.  It was agreed that papers of 
a purely taxonomic nature should be presented as posters.  It did not seem 
appropriate for individuals to stand up in front of an audience and present 
routine descriptions of species.  This does not mean that the papers are not 
important, only that oral presentations should be of an ecological, 
biological, or theoretical nature not purely descriptive.  This has mostly 
worked well although a few descriptive presentations have appeared in oral 
presentations at recent meetings.  This year the Advisory Council indicated 
that the content of the Abstracts submitted was sometimes too brief to 
adquately evaluate the content of the presentation. The next Conference host 
would be instructed to return such abstracts and ask for more detail.  

As for the content of the oral sessions, this is usually the role of the Host 
Conference committee.  Normally oral presentations are grouped together into 
topics; sometimes there are special sessions.  

The frequency of meetings (every 3rd year) was established at the first 
conference in Sydney in 1983, when Jorgen Kirkegaard agreed to host the 
following in Copenhagen three years hence.  I think this is a good frequency 
because for many individuals international travel is expensive and needs to be 
planned well in advance.  It is also considerable work for the host of the 
conference to not only plan, but reserve the venue required.  For our upcoming 
2007 meeting, we only have two possible dates to choose from and this is three 
years in advance!  

There have also been discussions over the years about a Polychaete Journal, 
but there has, in general, been little enthusiasm for such an outlet.   I am 
much more interested in seeing Conference proceedings that are well reviewed, 
and well edited both for content and language.   

In week or so, Kevin Eckelbarger and I will provide preliminary information on 
the IXth International Polychaete Conference that will be held in Portland, 
Maine in August of 2007.  

Jim Blake

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