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Freshwater polychaeta

Petersen, Mary Elizabeth MEPetersen at zmuc.ku.dk
Sun Sep 19 17:56:30 EST 2004

[copies to <torleif.holthe at vm.ntnu.no>, <mayitong at yahoo.com.cn>]

If you have access to Hartman 1951: Literature of the polychaetous
annelids of the world, on p. 279 she has a paragraph full of references
to papers in the book that deal with freshwater species. However, there
is almost certainly a lot since then.

A search for "freshwater polychaetes" on www.google.com gives about
25-30 references to this group. If you are trying to identify material
of specific families, it might be more useful for you to tell us what
family/families seem like they are present and see if someone can take
it from there. There are a number of brackish-water species that might
also occur in freshwater now and then.

Foster, N., 1972. Freshwater Polychaetes (Annelida) of North America.
Water Pollution Control Research Series 18050 ELD03/72, USEPA,
Washington D.C. pp.15.

There seems to be a 1976 version of this (see below), but the reference
is not very clear. 'The number of pages is the same as for the 1972
paper, but neither of these are in Ward & Fauchald 1997 Polychaete
Bibliography online, and I cannot find it on WebSpirs. The reference to
Journal of Natural History seems to be for another paper. 

... J. Nat. Hist. 30:1267-1286. Foster, NM 1976. Freshwater Polychaetes
(Annelida) of
North America. US Environm. Protect. Agency, Cincinnati, 15 pp. ... 
www.nhm.org/guana/bvi-invt/bvi-surv/ref-poly.htm - 71k - Cached

There is something wrong with the above url (from the Natural History
Museum, London), as it doesn't work, but the paper looks like it should
be an update.

Pennak, R.W., 1989. Freshwater Invertebrates of the United States:
Protozoa to Mollusca, 3rd Ed. John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York, NY.
 There will be a chapter on polychaetes in this book, and
probably also the next one, but they are both for North American fauna.

Thorp, J.H. and A.P. Covich, 1991. Ecology and Classification of North
American Freshwater Invertebrates. Academic Press Inc., San Diego,
California. pp.911.

For keys to families and genera try the url below. 

Good luck!


Mary E. Petersen
Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen
Tel +45-35 32 10 67 - Fax +45-35 32 10 10
E-mail: mepetersen at zmuc.ku.dk


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>From a Chinese colleague I have received a request regarding he
identification of fresh-water polychaetes. As I'm only familiar with
of the few European spp, I must forward the request to the mailing list,
hoping some of you can help.


Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 10:57:05 +0800 (CST)
From: yitong Ma <mayitong at yahoo.com.cn>
Subject: polychaeta
To: torleif.holthe at vm.ntnu.no

Dear Prof. Torleif Holthe,
    I'm Ma Yi-tong, a teacher of Nanjing University,
P. R. China. I'm working on the classification of
Polychaeta in fresh water, but I can not find useful
references about its taxonomy. Would you please send
me some references, especially the references which
include keys to the families and genera?
   My airmail address is: 
           Ma Yitong
           Department of Biology
           Nanjing University
           Jiangsu, 210093
           P. R. China
   Best wishes to you.

                           Yours sincerely

                             Ma Yitong 

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