Deep-sea hemichordate story

Geoff Read at
Mon Apr 4 20:57:08 EST 2005

Nature item on abyssal hemichordates which live on the sediment surface and 
create distinctive feeding traces seen often enough in photographs, but rarely 
with their creator in the frame.  They're not really worms, but for those 
interested in deep-sea mystery fauna this item and the commentary piece are 
worth a look. Also a cautionary tale since tentacles seen in early photos 
(diagram in Gage & Tyler's book, p73) probably were imaginary.  

Holland, N. D.; Clague, D. A.; Gordon, D. P.; Gebruk, A.; Pawson, D. L. ;
Vecchione, M. 2005: `Lophenteropneust' hypothesis refuted by collection and
photos of new deep-sea hemichordates. Nature 434 (17 March): 374-376.

Gage, J. D. 2005: Deep-sea spiral fantasies. Nature 434 (17 March): 283-284.

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