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[Annelida] taxonomy questions

Sergeeva sergeeva at ibss.iuf.net
Wed Aug 10 04:54:36 EST 2005

Dear colleagues,

Polychaetes:   Mercierella   enigmatica   Fauvel,   1923,  Ficopomatus
enigmaticus (Fauvel,1923), Ancistrosyllis tentaculata Treadwell, 1941,
Streblospio  shrubsolii  (Buchanan,1890)  , Glycera capitata (Oersted,
1943),  Streptosyllis  varians  Webst.  Et Bend.,1884, Nephtys ciliata
(O.F.M.,  1776),  Capitellethus  dispar (Ehlers, 1908?) (ore Chamb.?),
Heterocyrrus  caput-esocis Saint-Joseph, 1894 are mentioned as species
introducers  in the Black Sea and Azov Sea in some articles devoted to
questions  of  bioinvasions  by water invertebrates in the reservoirs.
Individuals  of these species were marked in the Black Sea only in the
of first half XX century.
I  have  some  doubts concerning correctness of systematic position of
the  listed  species.  For  example,  whether  Mercierella  enigmatica
Fauvel,  1923  is  the  synonym  of  Ficopomatus enigmaticus (Fauvel,
1923).  Who  is the author of a revision of Mercierella?
Whether genus Heterocyrrus, together with Heterocyrrus caput-esocis is
invalid species?
Similar  questions  concern  all  mentioned  species.
Though  systematics of Polychaete is not my main research field, under
study of the Black Sea fauna there is a necessity of a correct mention
of species, including Polychaete fauna. Unfortunately, I have no works
concerning revision of listed species.
I  shall  be  very  grateful,  if you will help me to understand these

Sincerely yours,
  Nelly G. Sergeeva
Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas (IBSS)
2, Nakhimov av.
99011 Sevastopol, Ukraine

                              mailto:sergeeva at ibss.iuf.net

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