[Annelida] Freshwater Megascolecidae

Hasko Nesemann hnesemann2000 at yahoo.co.in
Sat Dec 3 00:21:32 EST 2005

Dear collegues,

knowledge about true aquatic Megascolecidae is
required. In the Central Himalyas of the Gangetic
watershed, I could collect Amynthas corticis from
numerous locities in the bottom of spring and streams.
Metaphire houletti is locally abundant in debris dams
of forest streams. Others found in limnic habitats are
Perionyx excavatus and an undescribed Perionyx
species, which is exclusively in freshwaters and
springs. Also Moniligastridae (Drawida nepalensis)
were collected from two mountain streams.

I am searching for any similar information about true
aquatic Megascolecidae, since there is only a
statement of R.O.Brinkhurst in the internet available.
For contact or any further information I would be


Hasko Friedrich NESEMANN

contact address:
Aquatic Ecology Centre
Dep. of Biology & Environmental Sciences
Kathmandu University
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Dhulikhel, Kavre district, Nepal

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