[Annelida] MAE special annelida issue. A tribute to Kristian Fauchald

Maria Cristina Gambi gambimc at szn.it
Tue Dec 20 07:10:44 EST 2005

Dears annelidians,
this message is to inform all of you that the special volume of Marine
Ecology (26 (3/4) - 2005), entitled, "Advances in Polychaete Research. A
tribute to Kristian Fauchald", edited by Greg W. Rouse, Maria Cristina
Gambi and Lisa Levin, and dedicated to the 70th birthday of Kristian,
is now available (see the on-line version at the MAE web site
The volume consists of an Editorial and 15 originals articles dealing
with systematics, phylogeny, and different aspects of the ecology of
If anyone is interested, the volume can be purchased at the  price
of 104 Euro (112 US dollars), by contacting Suzanne Albrecht at
Blackwell Publishing responsible for Marine Ecology 
(Suzanne.Albrecht at ber.blackwellpublishing.com).
There are limited copies available.

We would like once again to express our best compliments, warm regards and
wishes to Kristian Fauchald, and we whish also to thank all the Authors
for their contributions.

Cheers and best wishes for the next Christmas and Happy New Year to
Greg, Maria Cristina and Lisa

Maria Cristina Gambi
Laboratorio di Ecologia del Benthos
(Stazione Zoologica "Anton Dohrn" di Napoli)
Punta S. Pietro
80077 Ischia (Napoli, Italy)
tel ++39 081 991410 or ++39 081 5833513
fax ++39 081 984201
e-mail:gambimc at szn.it

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