Interaction benthic invertebrates-macroalgal mats

Salvador Herrando salherra at
Thu Feb 10 14:04:16 EST 2005

Dear colleagues,

I am currently writting up the discussion of a paper on the effect of 
macroalgal mats on spatial patterns of macrobenthos from the Ythan Estuary
(Scotland, UK).

A point I want tomake a comment onin my discussion is thatsomeecologically
keyspecies like Corophium volutator are depleted (at least seasonally) from
areas carpeted with macroalgae and this may have an effect on higher trophic

While I am gathering information on papers addressing the probing success by
wading birds in macroalgal mats, I would very much appreciate if you could
point me to some literature assessing interactions (particularly detrimental)
between macroalgal mats and any feature of thelife history of benthic
invertebrates. I have just a couple of relatively old referencies dealing with
Corophium but is not enough.

Once again, many thanks indeed for your time and attention.


Salvador Herrando-Pérez
BSc. MPhil. Aquatic Biology

C/ Padre Jofre 19, piso 3, pta 7
12006 Castellón de la Plana
telephones +34 964 038845 (home) / +34 657787340 (cell)
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