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Adrian Glover a.glover at nhm.ac.uk
Thu Jan 6 03:53:00 EST 2005

3-year PhD Studentship 2005-2008
Zoology Department, Natural History Museum, London, & Newcastle
University, School of Marine Science and Technology, U.K.

“Biodiversity of polychaetes from the West Antarctic Peninsula
continental shelf: temporal variability, life-history and response to
global change”

Applications are invited for a 3-year PhD studentship starting in
September 2005. The studentship will be in the Polychaete Research
Group of the Zoology Department, Natural History Museum under the
supervision of Dr Adrian Glover. Co-supervision will be provided by
Prof Peter Olive at the School of Marine Science and Technology,
University of Newcastle upon Tyne, the degree awarding body.

The West Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) continental shelf is subjected to
extreme intra and inter-annual variability in surface primary
production. This is reflected in the input of organic matter to the
seafloor, which provides food for benthic animals such as polychaete
worms, which are the dominant macro invertebrate. The project would
involve a multi-disciplinary study of polychaetes collected using
deep-sea coring devices on the FOODBANCS project (PI: Prof Craig R
Smith, University of Hawaii). To fully evaluate the response of
polychaete communities to temporal changes in food availability, the
project would involve identification, taxonomy, biodiversity analysis
and detailed study of reproductive biology.

The prospective student should have a strong background in Zoology,
Oceanography or Marine Biology. The student will be expected to utilize
their own skills and interests in order to focus the study on
particular questions which will form the chapters of the PhD. Enough
material has been collected to fully complete the requirements for a
PhD. However, subject to proposals pending, future collection trips on
the WAP shelf are a possibility.

Inquiries and applications should be directed to a.glover at nhm.ac.uk and
must include the words ‘Antarctic PhD’ in the subject line.
Applications should include a covering letter and CV including at least
2 references.

Closing date for applications is March 4 2005.
This studentship will be fully-funded by the Natural History Museum,
subject to successful interview, to be held in March 2005.

Dr Adrian Glover
Zoology Department
The Natural History Museum
Cromwell Rd, London SW7 5BD, U.K.

020 7942 5056 (office)
077 666 484 40 (mobile)

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