Eunicidae Lysidice

Emma Sherlock E.Sherlock at
Mon Jun 6 14:55:33 EST 2005

Dear All,

I have been sent some polychaetes which were found boring into coral in an 
aquarium in the UK. The corals, which it is assumed they arrived with, were 
from Indonesia.  When I first heard about them I assumed they would be 
fireworms, but from keying them out (to generic level), although they are not 
in amazing condition, they appear to be Eunicidae Lysidice.  I have been 
looking for any publications which documents this 'coral munching' behaviour, 
to try to verify this,  but have drawn a blank. I was wondering if this is 
very unlikely from the genus or something which certainly is possible, and 
maybe even well known?  

Thank you very much,


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